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Specialty Pharma Solutions

Innovating Patient Care with Medical Packaging Inc., LLC

Specialty pharma plays a pivotal role in managing rare diseases and chronic conditions by producing specialty drugs and pharmaceutical products, essential for chronic diseases. Medical Packaging Inc., LLC (MPI) supports any pharmaceutical company with innovative packaging and labeling solutions, enhancing patient management, inventory, and health plans in this vital sector.

What is Specialty Pharma?

Specialty pharmaceutical companies focus on the development, manufacturing, and distribution of specialized drugs and therapies that typically target specific diseases or conditions. The companies often deal with complex and niche markets, and their medications may require special handling, administration, or monitoring. The diseases and conditions addressed by specialty pharmaceutical companies can vary widely, but they often include autoimmune disorders, oncology, rare diseases, cardiology, gastrointestinal disorders, and chronic diseases. 

How MPI Serves Specialty Pharma

MPI excels in providing specialty pharma companies with advanced solutions that optimize operational efficiency and improve patient care. Our expertise in specialty medication manufacturing, packaging, labeling systems, and management positions us as a key player in the United States healthcare system, ensuring that specialty medications are packaged with the highest quality and care. MPI specifically services the specialty pharma industry with our FDA-compliant liquid cup packaging system that allows for cost-effective low-volume to full production capabilities.

The MPI Advantage in Specialty Pharma Markets

We offer more than just high-value packaging solutions. Our products, known for their advanced features and reliability, are competitively priced to ensure affordability for healthcare professionals and pharma companies. MPI‘s commitment extends to enhancing patient outcomes and addressing the unique challenges in the specialty drug market. Because the FD-Pharma® can produce high-quality unit dose cups at a far lower price point than high-speed packaging equipment, it is uniquely suited to early-phase product development and small-batch liquid validation runs that specialty pharma often require. After a cost-effective validation process, and once the new liquid medication has gained sufficient market share, production can be moved to higher-volume packaging lines quickly and easily.

Specific Products for Specialty Pharma

FDA-Compliant Liquid Packaging Solutions

Our liquid cup unit dose packaging systems, designed for specialty pharmaceutical manufacturers and CDMOs, are FDA-compliant and tailored to meet specific medical packaging needs. This ensures safety and quality in delivering specialty products.

The MPI Auto-Print® Unit Dose Packaging System

The Auto-Print® Unit Dose Packaging System is a testament to MPI‘s innovation in pharmaceutical distribution. Suited for oral solid medications, it is a benchmark for efficiency, reducing medication errors, and streamlining packaging processes.

Auto-Wrap® Syringe Labeling System

This semi-automatic solution produces a printed label and automatically wraps it around a syringe in one single motion at the real-time speed of up to twenty (20) syringes per minute. This product is especially useful in specialty pharmacy situations where the medications are biologics, typically requiring syringes for their product archetypes.

Our Commitment Across Other Markets

MPI’s solutions cater to diverse healthcare environments and specific medical needs:

  • Hospitals and Acute Care: Customized unit dose packaging and labeling systems meet a full range of pharmaceutical packaging requirements.
  • Extended Care Pharmacies: Our systems support short-cycle dispensing in long-term care, aligning with CMS-mandated models.

MPI has been at the forefront of unit dose medication packaging and labeling systems since 1971. Our products are not just tools; they represent a commitment to enhancing healthcare delivery, promoting patient safety, improving patient outcomes, and contributing significantly to the specialty pharmaceutical distribution network. MPI is dedicated to meeting the evolving needs of the pharmacy industry, addressing medical conditions, and advancing life sciences amidst the dynamic challenges of the healthcare sector.