Extended Care & Long-Term Pharmacy Solutions

Innovative Pharmacy Solutions for Long-Term Care Facilities

At Medical Packaging Inc., LLC (MPI), we offer a comprehensive range of medication packaging systems and materials for long-term care pharmacies in the United States and worldwide. Our customer service and innovative technology have a positive impact on issues that pharmacists in extended care settings face daily. We are proud to provide unit dose medication packaging, barcoding software, and labeling systems on an individual basis, a multi-product basis, or as a complete solution, depending on the unique medicine packaging requirements of the customers in this market.

Optimize Data Management

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With the amount of patients that come through the doors of extended care facilities, patient data can get disorganized very quickly. Our secure labeling software allows healthcare providers to easily access a centralized database including a drug library, users, and other essential LTC pharmacy information across multiple locations. Proper data management improves pharmacy services and can save lives.

Improve Operational Efficiency

icon for MPI with a red gearIn long-term care facilities, there is a need to package and label medication fast and efficiently. Our products allow for automatic, speedy efficiency so manual packaging and labeling medication administration is a thing of the past. Because our products are extremely accurate, they reduce medical errors, allow pharmacists to package and organize medications with ease.

Decrease Costs in Long Term Care Facilities

icon for MPI with red gear and arrowsMPI products have industry-wide competitive pricing, and the benefits of these systems improve cost management for our customers. Mediation packaging errors are expensive, as they require more materials, labor costs, and involve liability. Our automated products decrease errors which saves time and resources. Manual medication packaging and labeling require a lot of time and staff effort, with our automated systems staff can focus on their expertise: patient care and leave the tedious work to our machines.

Patient Care

Icon for MPI with heart rate and personHelping our customers transform their pharmacy experience is our priority. Especially in long-term care facilities, incorrect transcriptions of dosages or prescriptions can cost the lives of residents. Our systems follow best practices of medication adherence guidelines and provide enhanced accuracy so physicians can have peace of mind. Organized packaging systems allow patients to receive better care and in turn, have better health outcomes.

Specific Products for Long Term Pharmacy Solutions

Barcode Labeling Solutionssample image of barcode labeling

MPI offers affordable, high-performance barcode labeling solutions as part of our medication packaging systems, including barcode printers and easy-to-use barcode labeling software. Our unit dose barcode labeling systems for hospitals and acute care facilities ensure that each dose of medication is labeled accurately and efficiently, and barcodes are fully customizable within 2D linear and GS1 barcode symbology.

FDA-Compliant Liquid Packaging SolutionsFluidose-plastic-colorful-cups

Our liquid cup unit dose packaging systems, designed for acute care, are FDA-compliant and tailored to meet specific medical packaging needs. This ensures medication safety and quality in delivering specialty products.

Auto-Wrap® Syringe Labeling Systemauto wrap machine image

This semi-automatic solution produces a printed label and automatically wraps it around a syringe in one single motion at the real-time speed of up to twenty syringes per minute. This product is especially useful in hospital situations where the medications are biologic, typically requiring syringes for their product archetypes.

Auto-Draw® Oral Syringe Filling SystemMPI's auto draw syringe filing system

Medical Packaging Inc., LLC (MPI)’s Auto-Draw® Oral Syringe Filling System is a semi-automatic solution that is capable of precisely filling most oral slip syringes ranging from 1 mL up to 50 mL in volume of varying viscosities. 

Pharmacy Accessory Label Printers (PALP)

syringes labeled

MPI’s Pharmacy Accessory Label Printers quickly and efficiently print accurate barcoded labels to affix on ampoules, vials, and syringes. The PALP is comprised of a desktop printer and MPI’s exclusive Pak-EDGE® UD Barcode Labeling Software, which is offered in two (2) different models to best meet the specific needs of each facility

Commitment Across Other Markets

MPI products are pharmacy partners to many other markets besides senior living and assisted living facilities:

  • Specialty Pharma: We provide specialty pharma companies with advanced solutions that optimize operational efficiency and improve patient care.
  • Pharmaceutical Repackagers: Our packaging solutions allow the repackaging industry to utilize our liquid cup packaging capabilities, overwrapping systems, barcode technology, and more.
  • Acute Care & Hospital: In a hospital setting, ensuring the right patient is provided with the right medication is paramount. With our unit dose packaging machine and barcode scanning technology, the pharmacy team can reduce medication error rates from mislabeling patient-specific medications or dosing incorrectly.