Auto-Print® Oral Solid Feeder (OSF) Attachment

Auto-Print® Oral Solid Feeder (OSF) Attachment

MPI’s Auto-Print® Oral Solid Feeder (OSF) features a revolutionary new design, state-of-the-art technology, and FDA-approved materials and coatings. This optional feeder attachment adapts to MPI’s Auto-Print, streamlining the packaging process for oral solids by aiding in the efficiency in which tablets and capsules are packaged into a unit dose. Bulk medication is loaded into the feeder, which will automatically feed the medication one at a time until all medications have been packaged, thus eliminating the need for manual hand feeding by the pharmacy technician and increasing sanitary conditions while packaging.

When the medication supply is depleted, the Auto-Print Oral Solid Feeder will automatically pause and notify the user with a momentary audible alert. The new design allows for easy accessibility to system controls for adjustments during packaging and for cleaning between packaging runs. Improved sensor technology detects the smallest-sized tablets or capsules with greater accuracy. The Auto-Print Oral Solid Feeder will dispense tablets up to ½” in diameter, capsules, and a variety of other medications, and it provides the ideal solution for the pharmacy with high-volume packaging runs.


  • Completely redesigned to provide increased ease-of-use and increased functionality.
  • Manufactured utilizing all FDA-approved materials and coatings
  • Single Cycle and Pause Control: Activates the oral solid feeder, which will continue to cycle for up to sixty (60) seconds or until a tablet or capsule has passed through the sensor. This button is used to start the feeder during the initial calibration of the medication. This button will also cause the machine to pause during the cycle when selected after the cycle activation has begun
  • Purge Control: When feeder runs empty, a single touch of the Purge button initiates blank labels and completes the packaging job until the medication has cleared the system.
  • Count Reset Control: Returns the counter to zero
  • Speed Adjustment Control: Adjusts the speed of the feeder unit. Ramp-start technology makes for effortless adjustment and performance.
  • CE, NRTL (MET) US, and C Marks.

Technical Specifications

Size: 15.5″ L x 8.5″ W x 3.0″ H

Weight: 7 lbs.

Power: 115/230VAC, 50/60Hz, 70VA

Hardware Requirements: Auto-Print Unit Dose Packaging System with 9300 Printer

Space Requirements: For optimal packaging utilizing the Auto-Print Oral Solid Feeder (OSF) the Auto-Print Packaging System should be placed on a sturdy and level countertop approximately 30″ high for comfortable working conditions. The Auto-Print Oral Solid Feeder requires one (1) 120V outlet. Allow additional room and electrical outlets for your computer.

Barcodes Supported: All linear, 2D, and GS1 barcodes are supported.


Available only on MPI’s standard Auto-Print unit dose packaging system for oral solids. This option is not available with MPI’s Auto-Print Express 90.