Auto-Print® Canister Technology Feeder Attachment

Auto-Print® Canister Feeder (CF) Attachment

MPI’s Auto-Print® unit dose packaging system for oral solids can now be modified to adopt the current drug canister technology available with most fully automated packaging systems. This customization provides the solution for specialized packaging runs, utilizing existing canisters and leaving your automated packaging system free for scheduled daily packaging.


    • Product-specific cassettes enable quick changeovers from manual to automatic mode and allows for fast clean-up
    • Compact footprint
    • Maintains packaging speed of up to sixty (60) packages per minute for 2″ x 1½” unit dose packages
    • Works only with canisters containing a 7cm x 7cm canister base as shown below
    • Requires one canister to be provided to MPI to ensure accurate customization
    • Minimal cost per dose (CPD)
    • CE Mark


Available only on MPI’s standard Auto-Print unit dose packaging system for oral solids. This option is not available with MPI’s Auto-Print Express 90.