First Databank License

We offer an optional First Databank (FDB) subscription to customers as an additional component for use with their Pak-EDGE® UD Barcode Labeling Software, the advanced labeling program for all MPI packaging solutions.

With an active FDB subscription, end users can scan bulk medication and the data fields in Pak-EDGE® UD Barcode Labeling Software will automatically populate the drug data from the FDB drug data, imprints, and images library. This information includes the generic name, trade name, strength, measure and form, National Drug Code (NDC) #, manufacturer name, control number, and drug class code.

The ability to access to the FDB drug data, images and imprints database was added to MPI’s Pak-EDGE® UD Barcode Labeling Software to assure additional safeguards during the drug packaging, barcoding, and labeling process for optimal medication adherence and assists in making the right dispensing decisions to ensure patients receive the medicine they need in a safe and timely manner.  FDB continues to have an integral role in improving patient safety, resulting in better patient outcomes. 

Benefits of the FDB License Subscription

MPI provides a one (1) month trial subscription to FDB at no charge when a packaging system is purchased and offers users the option of renewing the subscription on an annual basis when the trial subscription expires.  The FDB subscription provides access to:

  • Source Drug Library – Provides access to the entire FDB drug library of over 130,000 NDCs, searchable by NDC or drug name. When the correct or matching entry is found it will be copied to the local database. The available information for retrieval from this module is listed in the field mapping table.
  • Images Database – With FDB’s Drug Images Module, you have immediate access to drug image NDCs.  These are high-resolution images of prescription and over-the counter drugs, using state-of-the-art digital photography.
  • Imprints Module – This module gives you access to numerous imprints which provide the following information:  Multiple descriptors—tablet and capsule descriptions, including dosage form, coating, color(s), imprint(s), “score” marks (for tablets) and shape.  Descriptions for liquids, including color, flavor, and clarity of product. 

If you are currently using Pak-EDGE® UD Barcode Labeling Software and are interested in a FDB subscription, please contact a Customer Success expert to discuss options and explore adding to your pharmacy packaging process.