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Since 1971, Medical Packaging Inc., LLC (MPI) has been providing medical packaging solutions to pharmacies and hospitals worldwide. Our pharmacy packaging equipment, MPI-certified consumable materials, and barcode labeling software increases the efficiency and profitability of our customers, while meeting compliance guidelines and helping to save patient lives.

The medical packaging materials for use with our systems are designed with efficiency and safety in mind. Choosing the right automated medication packaging and labeling systems will ensure every unit dose package you manufacture or distribute meets strict safety requirements. 

Learn more about the medical packaging materials that MPI’s medical packaging solutions require and how they can help customers in a wide range of markets meet their needs.

About Oral Solid Packaging Systems

MPI’s Auto-Print® Unit Dose Packaging System requires MPI-certified consumable materials to create a unit dose package that assures no degradation to the contents or the package seal integrity. The materials that the Auto-Print® Unit Dose Packaging System needs for oral solid packaging are:

  • Auto-Print SUPERTHERM® and 
  • Auto-Print SUPERCEL® or
  • Auto-Print SUPERFOIL® 

The printable thermal paper combined with SUPERTHERM® or SUPERCEL® are necessary for the proper operation of the Auto-Print® Unit Dose Packaging System. Auto-Print SUPERCEL® is available as 2 inches wide and 1800 feet long with six rolls per case and in a variety of colors to assist with distinguishing controlled medications or identifying expiration dates. This list includes item codes for easy ordering:

  • Item #1005A – Amber
  • Item #1005B – Blue
  • Item #1004 – Clear
  • Item #1005L – Light Green
  • Item #1005O – Orange
  • Item #1005P – Purple
  • Item #1005R – Red

Auto-Print SUPERFOIL® meets USP standards for Class A and has the order Item #7002N. The SUPERFOIL® is available in rolls of two inches wide and 1125 feet long with four rolls per case. Auto-Print SUPERTHERM®, is available as 2 inches wide and 900 feet long with six rolls per case (order Item #4002N).  

About Oral Liquid Packaging Systems

MPI’s oral liquid packaging systems have their own set of material requirements. The packaging systems include:

The Auto-Draw® system requires:

  • Tubing set
  • Supply container

A supply container is not necessary if the user is filling directly from a manufacturer’s container, but you will need tubing sets. These specific items include:

  • # SF-5701 (Standard)
  • # SF-5702 (Monoject)

The Fluidose® system, for packaging oral liquid medication into unit dose cups, requires the following materials:

  • Fluidose-LIDDING®
  • Fluidose-UDCUP®
  • Fluidose-TUBING®
  • Syringes
  • Transfer ribbon

In addition, there are four sizes available for the Fluidose-UDCUP® in a variety of colors. This makes it easy to identify controlled medications or for use in color-coding medications by expiration dates. The assorted colors and sizes include:

  • Amber
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • 7 mL
  • 15 mL
  • 25 mL
  • 35 mL 

Fluidose-LIDDING® is comprised of multiple layers, including the sealant layer, which is the product contact surface, aluminum foil, which acts as the moisture and oxygen barrier, and the outermost layer, which provides the printing surface. All layers adhere to applicable FDA regulations for direct and indirect food contact and surface lubricants used in the manufacture of metallic articles. The system prints barcode and medication information directly on the Fluidose-LIDDING® to assist in error prevention and compliance for repackaging of medication. The Fluidose-TUBING® available for the Fluidose Series FD-5 system is:

  • #5501 – LARGE
  • #5502 – SMALL

The Fluidose® Series 6 and 5H unit dose packaging systems require the following sizes:

  • #5511 – LARGE
  • #5512 – SMALL

About Overwrapping Systems

The overwrapping systems used for medical packaging should meet federal requirements as well those of the packaging facility. These systems use a certain type of materials and can include specific bagging system features to provide precision, flexibility and versatility. Finding the right overwrapping system is critical to the production and packaging of medical products and supplies.

Pharmacy Accessory Bagging System

The Pharmacy Accessory Bagging System (PABS) uses a standard size bag for pharmacy packaging procedures, with custom size bags available through special order. The standard-sized bag is 2 mL thick and is two-toned with one side being white and the other side is clear. The PABS requires bags and a transfer ribbon for bagging system operation. This allows for optimal loading of the equipment when conducting the bagging process. 

The bags are also available in amber, to assist with differentiating between types of medication, with the option of:

  • 2”W x 4”L x 2”D 3000 Bags/Roll, 3 Rolls/Case

White bags for the Pharmacy Accessory Bagging System are available in the following quantities:

  • 2”W x 4”L x 2”D 3000 Bags/Roll, 3 Rolls/Case
  • 3”W x 4”L x 2”D 3000 Bags/Roll, 3 Rolls/Case
  • 5”W x 5”L x 2”D, 2250 Bags/Roll, 3 Rolls/Case
  • 3”W x 8”L x 2”D 1500 Bags/Roll, 3 Rolls/Case
  • 2”W x 7”L x 2”D 1750 Bags/Roll, 3 Rolls/Case

The transfer ribbons for the PABS are:

  • APB 6.5″ at 3,543 LFT
  • SX Pro-Line 4.7″ at 6,003 LFT

About Labeling Systems

There are several labeling systems offered by MPI, including the Auto-Wrap® Syringe Labeling System. The Auto-Wrap® requires labels and a transfer ribbon for the system to print, wrap and affix a label to a syringe. Three distinctive styles of labels and five different colored labels are available to meet specific syringe labeling needs. The print area of a label ranges from one inch to 1.5 inches. 

With a flagged label, there is a tag containing printed label information that extends and hangs from the syringe. This helps increase visibility for information and warnings on medication. Tacked labels are a second option, featuring a clear adhesive area to keep the label tacked to a syringe, leaving the other part untacked. This improves storage and allows for the label to be untacked from the syringe for viewing.

The color options for flagged labels includes green, orange, red, violet, and yellow.  

Pharmacy Accessory Label Printer

A Pharmacy Accessory Label Printer (PALP) includes two options. A direct thermal label printer only requires labels, no transfer ribbon is necessary in this easy solution for ready-print labels. This is ideal for ancillary labeling needs in a hospital, laboratory or retail pharmacy. A variety of sizes are available for labels per roll and case, including: 

  • 1”H x 3”W 1375 Labels/Roll, 3 Rolls/Case
  • ½”H x 3”W 2400 Labels/Roll, 3 Rolls/Case
  • ¼”H x 1”W 2500 Labels/Roll, 4 Rolls/Case
  • ½”H x 1½”W 2750 Labels/Roll, 3 Rolls/Case
  • ¼”H x 1¼”W 2500 Labels/Roll, 4 Rolls/Case
  • 1”H x 1”W 1000 Labels/Roll, 3 Rolls/Case
  • 1½”H x 1”W (Print Area) 1000 Labels/Roll, 3 Rolls/Case (Flag Label)

The flag labels for use with a direct thermal label printer are also available in orange, red, and yellow.

Thermal transfer label printers require labels and thermal transfer ribbon, allowing the user to print clear stem flag labels. Two sizes of clear stem labels are available to meet ancillary flag labeling needs in counts of 1000 Labels/Roll, 3 Rolls/Case.

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