Pharmacy Accessory Bagging System (PABS)

Package Parenteral Medications Easily

MPI’s Pharmacy Accessory Bagging System is an electric table-top barcoding packaging solution for printing and packaging parenteral medications such as ampoules, vials, and syringes. This solution provides the capability of loading, printing, barcoding, and sealing medications in a few simple steps. Bags are blown open through an internal fan, which channels high-volume, low-pressure ducted air into the bag for easy product loading. Labeling and barcoding is done directly on the bag by an integrated 203 DPI thermal imprinter with 4″ wide printhead, eliminating costly labels and allowing for customization of barcoding and packaging procedures specific to the requirements of each facility.

  • Produces up to thirty-five (35) filled and sealed bags per minute.
  • Standard bags are 2 ml thick featuring one side clear and one side white and vent hole and are offered in a variety of sizes. Custom size bags are available via special order.
  • Custom amber-colored bags are available in 2″ x 4″ size to assist in differentiating between types of medication.
  • 4.3″ full-color touchscreen to control packaging operations.
  • Operated by foot pedal to offer “hands-free” filling.
  • Automatic paced-rate operation is provided with adjustable fill time delay.
  • Optional adjustable load shelf for easy loading of bulk or heavy products.
  • Seals completely each time, delivers consistent and tamper-evident seals.
  • Utilizes “off-the-shelf” parts, ensuring minimal maintenance and less down time.
  • Includes MPI’s exclusive Pak-EDGE® UD Barcode Labeling Software.

Pharmacy Advantages

MPI’s Pharmacy Accessory Bagging System (PABS) for parenteral medications assists the pharmacy by:

  • Decreasing Costs
    • Automated loading, printing, barcoding, and sealing in a minimal number of steps virtually eliminates mislabeled bagged products.
  • Increasing Efficiency
    • Technician easily drops ampoule, vial, or syringe into blown-open bag. Pressing a foot pedal seals and advances bag.
    • Labeling and barcoding is done directly on bag, eliminating the need to place label on bag manually.
    • Produces up to thirty-five (35) bagged doses per minute
    • Different bag sizes for all of your packaging needs
    • All-electric: no pneumatic air required
  • Reducing and Eliminating Errors
    • Barcode Scan Check: Scanning bulk bottle before packaging verifies proper drug.
    • Tall-Man Lettering: Helps reduce “looks alike, sounds alike” errors.
  • One year limited warranty included.
  • CE Mark

Technical Specifications

Size: 28.00″ W x 22.00″ H x 29.50″ D

Weight: 140 lbs.

Power: 110VAC, 60Hz, 5 Amps. 230VAC, 50Hz, 5 Amps

Operating Temp: 0-40° C, 32-140° F

Humidity Range: 10%-90% RH Non-condensing

Safety: CE (230V). Includes built-in safety mechanisms and self-diagnostic troubleshooting capabilities.

Hardware Requirements: Computer with Windows® 10 or higher operating system, 10 GB hard drive space, 8 GB RAM, available USB ports, desktop or network printer for reports, Internet access

Software Requirements: Pak-EDGE® UD Barcode Labeling Software (provided with packaging system) with optional access to First DataBank drug data, imprints, and images database.

Material Requirements: Requires the use of MPI authorized disposable materials.

Space Requirements: Sturdy and level countertop, height between 28″ and 36″ for comfortable working conditions. Clearance above the counter should be 36″. Minimum depth of 30″ with access to the rear of the machine. 4′ to 5′ minimum counter space in length. The Pharmacy Accessory Bagging System requires one (1) 120V outlet. Allow additional room and electrical outlets for your computer.

Barcodes Supported: All linear, 2D, and GS1 barcodes are supported.

Medication Barcoding and Labeling

The unit dose packages created by the Pharmacy Accessory Bagging System (PABS) and Pak-EDGE® Barcode Labeling Software are capable of accommodating all linear, 2D, and GS1 barcodes. The software used to generate these barcodes was developed exclusively by MPI and is continually upgraded to include the latest advances in barcode technology for pharmaceutical packaging. The software allows for unlimited number of barcode configurations which typically include product NDC code, local expiration date, and date packaged.

Benefits of Implementation

MPI continually stays abreast of changes in packaging technology, standards, and guidelines, and we employ the highest standards of excellence to develop and deliver high-quality, reliable products, including the most current features and functionality, that contribute to saving patient lives through error-free medication packaging.