The Advantages of In-House Pharmacy Packaging

With many drugs facing an increased shortage risk as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the drug manufacturing industry, there is an increasing need for automation within hospital pharmacies.

Unit dose packaging has become an essential part of drug distribution and control within many health care facilities.  This form of pharmacy automation has proven to be safer for the patient, more efficient for the hospital and improves overall medication control and drug use monitoring.

Developing and implementing an in-house unit dose medication packaging operation within your hospital pharmacy can provide substantial advantages:

  • Convenience– easily package bulk medicines into a unit dose form
  • Increase Level of Patient Care and Safety – deliver medication to patient immediately, no delay
  • Time Efficiency – eliminate the wait for outsourced repackaging vendors to package and deliver medications
  • Economical – no extra cost of securing a third-party vendor to package medications or shipping charges
  • Avoid Worries – no concern of manufacturers that do not produce treatment medications in a barcoded unit dose form or a manufacturer discontinuing the unit dose form of certain products
  • Enables Securing Medication Stock Options – avoid drug shortages and cover expected demand